Goddess look

I made this graphic waaaaaaay back in May (yes, 5 months ago!) and I initially made it just to dust off my skills but I ended up giving it to someone for a project, however it's changing a little, and so here I am publishing it!
The model is Starbuck1, who signed up a very long time ago to be involved in practice graphics on my blog - and I felt like her face suited this ref so much, and I loved her skin tone, I think it gives the whole piece this vibe which I don't think I've seen in my graphics before. 
The only thing I don't really like is the left hand on the chest, it didn't come out very nicely, nor did the neck really, but the rest is pretty decent I think!

Please leave me comments with what you think! 

Love K xxx


  1. Kirsten ! You are still great graphic designer! Awesome! :)

  2. Overall, it's quite a nice graphic, but the hand is rather awkwardly shaped (it also has no fingernails). I really like the hair though. :)

  3. omg those hands are scary

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