I was very excited to finish this hairstyle today, because as we all know hair has never been my strong point!

I worked pretty hard on this and I'm ecstatic with the outcome! I also put together this little step-by-step display of the process (base, shadows, and highlight)

I'd love to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment and tick a box!

PS; The Graphic Vault hit 200,000 pageviews this week! It's so crazy to think this blog has been visited that many times, let's keep the views coming.


  1. I wouldn't say that hair is your weak point. I don't even know if you have a weak point, cause everything you do looks so great. I love this hair, it's gorgeous

  2. I think it is a huge improvement, I new you had some troubles with hair because i could just see it. But this is on point and very realistic!

    1. I think by "weak spot" he means that it doesn't look as amazing/breath-taking/stunning as the rest, haha

  3. AMAZING , if i want to use this hair in a graphic what name i should put on the top of it ?? ^_^

    1. Thanks you! If you want to you can purchase the .png file of this hair for 50SD, contact me on Stardoll @ exodus27

  4. amazing , i loved it , i want use it i will put your name on it . is it ok ?

  5. I'm so proud of your improvement in the hair department, it looks so good :')

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