Long time (very long time), no see! It's encouraging to see that people are still posting here, I'm subbed to TGV on Bloglovin so I still see posts every now and again. As it's the summer holidays, I thought I'd attempt to log back into my deactivated Stardoll account after 4 month to see if it would actually work, and to my surprise, it did! I've been focusing on my education and I have my own blog, which is pretty active too.

I was thinking of putting someone else in charge of this blog as I am never here, what do you guys think? And do you have any suggestions?

P.S If any new designers wanted to join the blog, I have updated the 'Join Us' tab, so add your details there and I'll take a look



  1. Maybe you should choose someone from the TGV team, that is the most active, to be admin?

  2. Glad everything is going well!! Yeah someone who posts often here would be a good idea!

  3. i'd be more than happy to put myself forward for the position, i'd love to keep this blog going

  4. Might I also put myself forward as a candidate? I may not make a lot of graphics nowadays, but I'm still a Graphic Vault devotee!