headshot #2

this is a headshot for Beautifuloval, whom i think has one of the most gorgeous unique dolls on stardoll. i loved creating this headshot using her stunning features

i thought i'd do a kind of before and after shot - so here is before

and here is after

again, the hair is done by me (quite an old style actually, i'd say mid 2013) but ana chose it from my archive and i think it suits her incredibly well. i love how this turned out, she looks very exotic and striking. i like the nose and the cheekbones the most.

i welcome your opinions! i seem to be the only one posting here anymore, i'd love if we had more designers on the tgv team

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love you all xxx

oh and by the way, click here for something a little extra


  1. Awwwww Jack! I love it so much! Thank you it is perfect! :*

  2. OMG Its amazing! :D Please do one for me! :D I am MeRiMa_ ♥

  3. Anonymous9/2/14 18:02

    How much for a headshot, I wonder, i want one too ♥

  4. Nice hair ;)
    Could you write something about my graphics? grafika-ladygagastrawbe.blogspot.com