Been a while!

It's been far too long since I posted here! But as I said on my last post (back in September, oh dear =/) I have had my focus on uni, I was so stressed it was unbelievable, but got a great rest over the holidays =) Anyway, today I just sent live my little 2014 makeover on my blog The Stardoll Lookbook - and here is the graphic I made for it:
You can see the slightly larger version over on the blog if you'd like =)

I will also happily be the first person to say it's not really a great graphic for me, the shirt is kinda average, I hate the bangle and the hair ... lets not go there, we all know I am outright awful with hair!!! If I could I'd totally puke on this one! However I am kinda happy with the look it has and am happy with it on my blog for now =)

Let me know your thoughts!