Old Work

I made it 2 months ago but didn't published here. I have changed my vision of this graphic a bunch of times but finally choosed this one. Model graphic:

I am really proud of dress pattern, it took a lot of time but in my opinion it was worth it. I also like necklace. I'm not a fan of coat though. I made one of hands no from photo but from my imagination, this one on front and i'm kinda proud of it. This was my first time to do hair that technique so I'll be really happy if somebody would tell me if they look good.

I've made graphic for contest on blog stardoll i my and I won it. Yey. :D

A small gif how I've made a header.

What do you think?
 Sorry for grammar and etc. mistakes, I don't have dictionary in this computer. :c


  1. Honestly, this is just perfect!

  2. Wow. Your graphics are so detailed. How long did this graphic take you? (Do you remember?)

  3. Anonymous2/11/13 17:20

    That work is so beautifully worked and well done, looks very realistic.
    What program do you use to design?

    1. Thank you. :D I use Photoshop Cs 3 Lite/portable.

  4. Beautiful! I love how you do hair♥

  5. I think you're exiting the stardoll graphics zone and going into the "art that doesn't need the stardoll graphics tag to get famous". I would consider branching out of stardoll stuff, and trying painting without vectors.
    I will forever be wanting that gorgeous flower pattern.