Not exactly what you expected...

I didn't have any time for graphics lately,  my five hours preparatory exams are keeping me too busy.  That's also why I dropped out at SNTGD.

But at least, I opened my graphic program again yesterday for a school project - we're programming a Tower defense game for computer science in a small group and I had to do the layout and I ended up creating some nice backgrounds. Just overlook the choppy edges in the desert one, I did it in a hurry. The quality isn't optimal since the image component in our computer program only accepts .bmp.


My personal favourite definitely has to be the matrix one.

xoxo Cathy


  1. Pretty cool. Sounds like a fun class.

    1. usually, computer science is one of my fav subjects :) but this project is quite crazy - we're working with a programm that is definitely not made for visual purpose (it's perfectly fine for sort algorithms or calculating but you can't even change the colour of a button). But hopefully we'll finish our programm anyhow :D

    2. Good luck with the program! Gosh, not being able to change the color of something would drive me crazy if its two completely contradicting colors. My OCD would've kicked in and just bug me. haha.

  2. Awesome! And I feel you on the .bmp note. I design a lot of custom wallpapers and floorings for The Sims 2 and I have to save everything in .bmp as well!
    They're really awesome though!

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