i am certain that you have all been watching fashion week like hawks, and if you have, you will have seen the fabulous jeremy scott spring '14 collection (if not, i suggest you check it out right now)

i am a huge fan of jeremy scott, i have always admired his collections and his out of the box ideas. one piece from the ss14 collection really stood out to me, it was a one piece with the "tv bars" printed onto it; so naturally, i just had to make a graphic of it

click to enlarge 

ugh, perfect

i actually love this graphic, i think it's one of my best pieces in a while. i've been working with new, more elaborate techniques, but tried not to shy too far away from my shading style.

my favourite thing has to be the clavicle and the legs, i think they look amazing. i'm not too fond of the face, but i dont know why.

what do you like/dislike?
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love you all xxxxxxx

ps: you could count this as a little clue to my upcoming project, but im not saying another word...yet! 


  1. Love everything! The body shading is literally flawless *-*

  2. need that bodysuit in my life omg

  3. I think this graphic best represents your work tbh. The Right leg is flawless up to the crotch of the swimsuit. We all love great collar bones you kill'in it.

    I see a few things that are off is the right arm shading towards the elbow down to the knuckles. There is too much value there. Last the left knee looks very strange. If you're not sure of the shading or it doesn't look right it's best to leave it a big bare(I feel that way about the right arm). I think you could easily fix it by cupping the knee with shadow so it doesn't look like her leg is bending in two places/screwed on wrong.

    p.s. also keep doing hair practice it's fun and you'll approve.

    1. thanks! i enjoyed doing the collarbones. upon inspection i totally understand what you mean, i should have seen that, but i obviously didn't. at first i thought the shade on the right arm was acceptable due to her arm being sort of behind her and therefore a shadow of her body would be cast, but you're right, it's too much. i swear to god hair just stresses me out, i'll get it one day, you'll all see!

  4. Hallelujah!
    This is a stunning graphic!
    I applaud your technique; how do you make them so 'precise'?

    1. thanks so much! layers darling, opacity and detail

  5. Very nice I love the body suit and legs a lot the face is ok

  6. Jackie, as usual im amazed by the quality of work you put out, the shading maintains a simplicty quality that is quite delightful, and that bodysuit and clutch are to die for, seriously you are so good! ❤❤ them lips, DAMN!

    1. oh wow thank you so much! haha, they're my faves, i use them in a lot of graphics

  7. Anonymous21/9/13 17:42

    One word: PERFECT

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