Second Request Graphic

Thank you for requesting:)

This graphic was requested by cheekycazbo1 and I think it's super cute.
The shorts and body shading took the longest. I spent about 3 hours on this in total. I really like the hair, but not so much the band. of flowers. The shoes are okay, but I wish I could've seen more detail in the reference image. They weren't as clear as I'd prefer...
Oh well, I think I did okay, but tell me what you guys think!


  1. Beautiful! Thank you so much!

    I love the hair, and sorry if the image was unclear. Thanks for spending so long on it, this graphic is really appreciated!

  2. Anonymous16/3/13 15:24

    what kind of technique do you use for skin and hair?

    1. I use a cel-block shading technique, but along the contouring of the body. Typically up to 5 layers of black,two white maybe additional highlights(in the burn tool) for hands.

  3. The hai and shorts are amazing!