My Accessory Vault/ SDNTGD Task 4

This is where I put all my excess accessories that I make in some graphics. The purse, dress and shoes are all from my most recent SDNTGD task. The shoe is a Manolo Blahnik, the purse is a signature Balenciaga, and the dress is a structured Balenciaga.
Of course you saw the boots on my task 3 entry. The sunglasses are featured in a graphic for my old magazine. They're actually way better looking than what they look like in this image, but I can't show you the other one;D

Here's my task 4 entry:

I really love this, but one of the judges commented that the font was "too young" and I disagree 100%. This was supposed to be a fun page in a scrapbook-exploring my discovery. 
Not some high-fashion editorial about Spain. 
Thank you, though, to the judges that didn't think it was a bad attempt at something creative!


  1. These are so beautiful! So detailed! Love it!

  2. I actually really liked it! I don't think the judges understood that is wasn't some high fashion editorial.

    1. Thank you! And some of the judges did. It was only one who commented on the font. It's always a tricky thing to put font on a graphic because everyone has opinions about the font the designer may choose.

  3. I love the font, makes it look like a cute little fashion experience graphic.