Good Morning Sunshine!

There are two versions of this graphic. 
The first is one without some small details and the second is with the details. I'm not happy with the pillow, but the sheets are something of which I am.

I made the hair, and everything besides the hands. For the hands i used a reference image. I originally tried without the image, but they looked horrible, like pink twigs bent at off angles, but here they are.

The model is someone I made up, but I'll be using her, myself, and another model I made for my graphics. She just woke up after a hardcore night of partying with her best friends. 
I am really proud of the collar bones and I'm gonna stick with that technique for my models. Those who say it isn't "correct", I'd like to point out that everyone is different:]

But yeah, please comment! 


  1. Anonymous9/11/12 00:18

    I like it. But if I were out partying the night before I would be more of a mess. :D

    1. Yeah, same here. But she's a model. They have to look semi-perfect all the time...

  2. I love it Kasey! Specially the collarbone and hair,
    Though the pillow is not perfect, its not bad at all,
    Very well done!
    Mary Ann

  3. I love this graphic, but I think it's weird that the hair is gray. And I don't like the collarbone made this way, but like you said, everyone is different! :)