Just a very quick note ...

Just letting you know that I've labelled all posts with the Stardoll username of the author to make it easier for you readers to find all the posts by each individual =)
So if you want to see all the graphics that Ceaara has posted, all you need to do is click on the label "missceaaria" and you can find all her posts, or if you want to find all of Lindsey's graphics, click on "LoveGossip4Life" - so simple!
So writers this means you need to remember to include the tag of your username in your posts.
You can find the labels section just to the right hand side under Media Partners. 
As well as usernames there are other labels too, such as themes, types of graphics etc. so you can browse loads of things. Though please note not every post will have its theme or type tagged on it - I might do that tomorrow =)

Hope you've had/are having a lovely Sunday!
Love K xxx