First Custom Pose

As you might know, I've always used reference pictures for my graphics... until now. I know the stomach and legs are from stardoll (My base image was a printscreen from the beauty parlor), otherwise I drew the arms and hands. I'm really overjoyed of the results, although the shading is not my best. I just want your opinion on the anatomy of it, though, since obviously I'm aware the skin shading sucks...

Anyhow, here's what I've been working on

I'm most thrilled that I drew the hands myself-- they look pretty realistic to me (proportion-wise... but I'm not sure about the shading once again...). What is your opinion about it?


  1. I like it but the bend of the hands looks too much like the bend at the foot. so it looks like feet a bit. No offense at all. Otherwise it's really great :D

  2. *Do not take this to heart, it is just a critique*
    The anatomy is good, but the hands are an odd shape, like the wrist looks odd? anyway, these hands would look much more realistic with better shading, but personally, the clavicle looks really un-releastic. The shading does look a bit grey & white, but it is not choppy at all at the neck, but the stomach gets choppy. I know you said the shading wasn't the point, but really, you should always do good shading, rather than doing an amateur job, then having to erase it all, and do a good layer? This is really amazing, and I cannot speak! Keep up the great work!

  3. Pretty good. I do have a drawing tablet, but something about drawing on the computer for me is just so akward, it never comes out the way I want it. But when i draw on paper, AMAZING. lol ( Stop bragging)