"Darker Than Normal, You Might be Death!"

(title quoted from the story I'm currently reading:)In relation to my darker skin.)

FIRST: I'd like to say Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it! I spent the whole day cooking and baking for my family and it was a huge success and a lot of fun! I hope some other people had similar experiences!

I love how she has bigger hips than normal:]
 I did that on purpose!
The white jacket is over-sized and I did not finish the fingers so I cut them off:D
Not sure about the collarbone, but I was studying some other collarbones from graphic designers(Alice and Nika) and tried to follow correct anatomy which corresponds with this pose.
Not the best, but it works, and I'm okay with it!
No shadowing here except in the graphic itself. I did it like it would appear in a photo shoot-all the lights pointing at her!

I'm thinking of changing my skin color to a tanner color, but of course I'm keeping the lips I have now!
I just can't ever decide on a permanent look for my doll...


  1. I like it, but it reminds me a little of a jersey girl. :p

    1. Haha:D I'm gonna take that as a compliment:D

  2. WOW the hair is amazing and the doll loks amazing good work Martusia_144

  3. Kasey! This is great, I am in live with the collarbone and I am glad you tried a different one ( I love yours but I always love changes ) The hair looks perfect and skin tone... So gorgeous!!

    Mary Ann^^^

  4. love love love! she looks so of origin and full of character! i also like the collarbone shading, it's kind of how i've started to do mine, and the hair is beautiful!

  5. So pretty skin shading *_* love, love, love.

  6. I simply love everything about it... the hair, the skin shading, the collarbone, the hair, the pants, the top, the face shading, the hair... it's sooo gorgeous!!! *_*