Creative talent application graphic

I didn't do next graphic in that small amount of time. Nope. I just want to publish unreleased graphic that I made for "Creative Talent" contest. It was unreleased becouse contest runner said that we can't publish application graphics before results. Is something like my old "melishes" graphic design - I combined pink and black so it looks a bit glam rock. Well ok. I must say that in nearest weekend I can't do anything becouse I changed my real Image (now I wear glasses. Lol. I have also new hairstyle) and i must get accustomed.

So here is model graphic:
I tried to make very custom looking wallpaper behind her so I spend much time on designing the look and choosing right hues and saturation. I also do a little experimental dress shading. I added not only black and black shades, but also green, blues and red ones. Hairstyle is not my best one but you must remember that I made it almost a month ago. :p

And here you have two versions of final layout product:
Here is full pose and the half-pose shadow. I think that I decided for good font and those "reflections". I'm not very proud of lamps right now but I passed so who cares. :p

It is secound ver. I made it becouse I thought that before version don't have as much details visible as this one, but jury decided that 1 version is better.

And another synthpop inspirational music:

Opinions? What can I do better?


  1. Wow! This graphic is pure perfection. I love the background, the dress, the skin shading and the hair - everything! I only think that you could have also done nails.
    Only the lamps on the finished graphic aren't my cup of tea.

    1. Thank You. I have forgotten about nails. XD

  2. My first impression is just WOW! but then I stumbled over the knees. I don't know, the shading appears kind of weird to me, but I also have problems with that... still this is a very very very beautiful graphic in its entirety! :-)

  3. It's lovely, but the knees look a little strange to me.

  4. I'm not a big fan of the hair, or the knees, but the dress is marvelous and the skin shading technique is awesome:)