New Blog Header

Hello all! I think I just felt my first ever earthquake about an hour ago. Since I now live in California, there's a much greater chance for that faulty "fault" (haha) to give us some time to break into the surface... okay, now that was bad... or didn't even make much sense, but if you know how earthquakes are formed, then yeah.

Anywho, the real reason I'm posting is because I have been working on a new header for my graphics blog, which for any of you who care, it has been very unactive... how sad that I am such a terrible blog owner? Lets see what I've managed to scrap together!


Its more of a Spring-ish theme, but I guess that's okay, so I won't have to change it any time soon! What are your opinions on the banner? I personally am not sure if I like the skin shading, and the skirt is okay... but I'm pretty happy with the shirt and hair though. And I think the text didn't come out too horrible this time either. So, all in all, I'd say its not too shabby.

Comments? Please?


  1. love love love love love!
    damn gurl, you need to make a graphic of me ;)

  2. It's super cute^^ But I think the right arm from the elbow to hand seems a bit long - might just be me though!

    Love K xxx

    1. Gotta agree about the arm thing...

    2. I think it's because the model is supposed to be leaning her body backwards but her head is leaning to the front along with the arm (from under the elbow). If that makes any sense.

    3. I won't disagree-- the reference picture was kind of strange with that arm. I just wasn't sure how to proportion it out :P

  3. OMFG! This is just perfect!

  4. I think it looks like the head is too big or the body is too short or both... I'm not sure, but the proportions are a bit wrong. Other than that it's beautiful!

  5. BEAUTIFUL. but the arms look a bit weird?, but you got every thing else on key, better than anything i could do :)