well i cant think about a title atm!

As the title suggests...i cant think about a good title ...its late almost and its 2:00 am so gonna make a post hastily!
some new graphics i have been working on:-

the first graphics is actually a header for my graphics blog...should i put that on?..actually it was having the head and hair but it was actually blurry so i decided to crop it off! Second one i was actually confused should i ever use it or not..but am happy with it ...third and fourth one were just practice for hair...my hair did really improve right?? lol
P.S i dont have any interest in reading what i wrote out there so if any mistakes pardon me!


  1. I think the second one is amazing ♥ hm and yes, you are pretty good at hair. but the first hair looks weird and the lighter color looks dim. and thats probably because you don't have different layers for the two haircolor shading. But the shade is working different and needs different transparency on varied colors.
    (i am not good at explaining any graphic stuff, but i hope you get what i meant)

    You are so very good and i would love to be just half as good :D