Transformers-Robots in Disguise!

Soooo...since I'm bed-ridden with a yucky sickness, I was watching Transformers 3-Dark of the Moon!
and a model many people may know was the leading lady, so I was going through Google, after reading her profile/bio(which I do for most characters I don't know much about) I was looking at her modeling portfolio and saw a pretty nice picture I wanted to try and recreate. I really loved the angle her cheeks were at,
so I spent about three hours doing this:)

Click to ENLARGE!

I swear those were the lips on the original picture! I swear!
I lightly shaded the left side because that was where the light hit her face most. 
Let me just point out this:

I didn't use the reference photo for those pieces of the graphic.
 I did them by myself:P Self drawn...it's beast.

Anyways, the eyes were the most complex part of the graphic because I couldn't figure out where to set them. But jeez, those lips got on my nerves. They look WAY to big for her face, but she is known for her big lips:P

Oh well, opinions would be appreciated!


  1. Rosieeeeeeeeee!

    I just love this! And you drew her lips perfectly :)

  2. Anonymous10/9/12 20:23

    Wow, this is pretty good X) But her nose is kinda freaking me out a bit... or maybe its those eyes... I think they are staring at me X) haha Never the less, you know I love yoru graphics!

    1. Haha,yes. You should of seen the original eyes. They were bug-like and WEIRD. They were so hard to recreate! I tried to refrain from using a reference image, but in the end, I seriously needed help:/ Oh well! Thank you:)

    2. Anonymous11/9/12 01:53

      Haha, don't worry :) Its better than I could ever do! I should probably start working on not using reference pictures as much, and/or editing original photos into my own poses and stuff :P

    3. Yeah. I can recreate something easily with my charcoal pencils and my Prisma color pencils, like a person or animal. But with my tablet, it's so much more difficult,for some reason:P Weird...Haha.

    4. Anonymous11/9/12 04:00

      Yeah, I'm no good with the whole processing one image (the tablet) to another medium (computer)... its just not very easy for me... but I guess if we were trained when we were young to draw with tablets, and not crayons and paper, then our perception would definitely be flipped X)

    5. Oh definitely. Like, we have this new brand of math books this year that uses pieces from previous chapters in the current lesson we may study and it confuses the heck out of me. But every class year, before mine, began using them early so they understand it easier! Totally unfair if you ask me:P Haha…

  3. This is lovely! Especially the hair is done very nicely :)

  4. OMG this is so freaking amazing!!!!!!!!