The Pink Fish

Hey everyone! I'm swamped with make-up work, but I managed to get this in.
This is for a blog I'm reopening called the pink fish. You can guess what it's going to be about, but i'm not telling:)

I really love the concept I came up with and the way I'll be writing is something new to me and hopefully easier to understand rather than my older writing. Hopefully I can get it open in November, but if not, it'll be a Christmas opening! Merry Christmas!

OH! and I'm looking for models for The Pink Fish. If you want to sign up, fill the very simple form out here, extravagancestardoll.blogspot.com or kngraphics.blogspot.com(my graphics blog.)

Here's the form:
Medoll Name:
Portfolio(not neccessary):

Thanks! Now, here are the two banners for the pink fish. I prefer the second, 
but if you like the first, please tell me why:) this is a scratch made graphic, meaning I made EVERYTHING. No reference photos!

And the model is from my older modeling portfolio:)

I really like the legs on this one, but not so much the dress.

I prefer this one:)

Please no negative opinions!
I know the flaws they have, just didn't have time to fix them:)


  1. Anonymous18/9/12 04:40

    Haha, I'm curious to know what this pink fish is X) Anyways, as a girl who can't pass up a good modeling opportunity, I'm going to apply.

    Name: Lindsey (Le'Vogue)
    Medoll Name: LoveGossip4life (I hope you already knew that, Kasey!)
    Portfolio(not neccessary): lovegossip4lifeportfolio.blogspot.com

  2. Name: Isabel Hope
    Medoll Name: Iluvladygaga232
    Portfolio(not neccessary): Don't have one, sorry! xD

  3. Name: Maria
    Medoll Name: mgirl07
    Portfolio(not neccessary): mgirl07.blogspot.com - but you can't use it for headshots, I haven't updated them for ages :)

  4. WOW i love it!
    Name: Emma
    Medoll Name: Cute.Miss.Lola
    Portfolio(not neccessary): I dont have one D::

  5. love the hair style

    name: mikel
    medoll/username: seasonalhotbuys
    portfolio: seasonalhotbuysportfolio.blogspot.com

  6. I prefer the 2nd one too, because everything fits together. I mean especially the sizes of doll and text. The MakeUp is very unique and amazing, that makes it very special.

    You really made me curious about your "pink fish" project. I would love to participate:

    name: mari
    username: Jody_Cailin

  7. I really like both of them.
    The first is beautiful because you can see the full model.
    And the second is really gorgeous because of the hair and your doll's beautiful face.
    But if you ask me, the second looks better as a banner.

  8. both are amazing but i think the second is better! (:

    Medoll Name: smiling.jojoo
    Portfolio(not neccessary): i don't have one! :D

  9. I think the second one is better as well but both of them are really nice!

    Name: Despina
    Medoll Name: depi2
    Portofolio: DespinasStardollPortofolio.blogspot.com

  10. So excited :) I prefer the second header, it is more direct. Not sure if you get the gist of what i want to say, I just don't know how to express it ;)

    Name: Cathérine Cerise (or for short: Cathy)
    Medoll Name: mathildamath
    Portfolio(not neccessary): cathy-lookbook.com

    xoxo Cathy

  11. Hmm, I'll be expecting something amazing, especially because it's a Kasey thing :3

    Name: Manny (and Aurelie; We're er..."sharing")
    Medoll Name: Aurelieke93
    Portfolio: mannyquin.blogspot.com

    The account was closed for some reason, but Aurelie and I have chatted to Stardoll about it so it should be up an running soon enough :)

  12. Name: Hannah
    Medoll Name: Crystallam2000
    Portfolio(not neccessary): http://crystallam2000profolio.blogspot.com