New header!

I barely spent three hours on it, so pardon if you think it's crap.

I have school pictures/art/theater tech stuff going on all this week, 
so this will probably be the last graphic until Saturday:)

Here is the graphic seperate:

Is it okay? I put an older hairstyle I made on it.
I like the colors and if you saw the whole banner, you'd see they all work well with the lettering:)

Anyways. here it is. Wah-Lah!


  1. i think its really nice! although i think the hand on the floor looks a little odd and flat and slightly 2d? but everything else looks great! the face could use more shading though it looks slightly bland

    1. Thanks! I honestly hate that hand because making the dimensions correct is a pain in my butt. And all my faces are shaded accordingly to the graphic:) Thanks for your opinion, though!:D

  2. Anonymous6/9/12 23:01

    Ohmygushers :O This is really good ;)