A blog you need to know about.. #1

While looking at graphic blog, i stumbled upon one which caught my eye..
Migonetta (KATIE) 's Graphics
(Click image to go to website)

The blog banner is made by someone called 'Solien', who is very talented!

Her stardoll graphics are also very beautiful...
(Click image to go to website)

I just felt she needed more recognition for her work as it is outstanding!


P.S. I might make this a weekly thing. Promoting graphic blogs that deserve more recognition feels like the right thing to do!


  1. First graphic made Natalia. That was gift.

  2. ♥ Oh... Thx :) I make real graphics,but this first graphic is not mine, that's a gift from 'Solien' :P

    Thank you!

  3. ♥ Oh... Thx :) I make real graphics,but this first graphic is not mine, that's a gift from 'Solien' :P

    Thank you!

    1. i slightly reworded it. Sorry, my translator didnt translate properly :/

  4. OMG i love her graphics....her graphics are like one of the best on SD :)

  5. I've followed her blog for ages and I still can't get enough of her work =D

    Love K xxx

  6. I've seen this amazing graphic designer before and I must say her graphics are the best on Stardoll from my point of view.

  7. I have seen this blog a few days ago.
    I was stunned when I saw the graphic on the header.

  8. Wow, that first one is gorgeous! And indeed her stardoll graphics are good (:

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