makeover + old experiment!

SO my graphics blog recently had a makeover ,with a change of banner! This is the banner.... am not pretty happy with it but the handbag is great..and moreover this is not the real version of my graphic, i seem to have lost the real on...oh well i made a makover to a blog that has only 7 memebrs so i hope you'll join my graphics blog...afringraphics.blogspot.com...BTW i will be getting my tablet soon *-* and i wont be doing graphics for some time since i have exams on sept 18 ...they are national board exams and very important to me...anyway i'll be logging on! :)

here is another graphic that i made a long time back..it was just like an experiment:-
It has a lot of mistakes name it..evrything is odd...! :D model is diedunklemaid (aka Isa )
 gonna miss the blog for sometime..( i may say that but maybe i may make a graphic is like once in five days! :P) (i'll check the blog too)

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