Should I?

Consider this my birthday graphic, because I am, 

hair isn't really detailed and only took about 10 minutes. I just wanted to get the idea across.

Look at those shoulders! So beautiful and totally not ugly!:D

I really love the hair. My friend Cora did this. She dyed her bangs bleach blonde and kept her natural black hair behind it all. Then she layered it all.
My favorite thing she did was dye it at the scalp between the bangs and side hair. Genius.

anyways. i'm not SS anymore so I was thinking of changing my doll next month. Since I just want to go ahead and plan to do it, I was wondering if anyone liked this over my current look. Just give me your opinion on if this new looks is good or not. When I do become SS ,again, for those who are interested, I will be changing my dolls back to her original look:)
So...Should I?

Okay, thanks!:D