New portfolio graphic =)

I've been working on improving my hair, and I really think it's going well! I had started this graphic with only planning on actually doing the hair, then I was like "there's some denim here" - denim is on my list of things to work on, so I've ended up doing the whole image! I also decided to work with a different skin technique, which I think also worked out quite nicely, still not sure about the leg - but I can work on that later =)
The head positioning is a bit odd too, but never mind!

So now that it's a whole actual graphic, I've decided to use it in the banner for my modelling portfolio:
I'm super happy with it, let me know what you think of my improvement!

I'll also take this moment to introduce my new graphics project(I wasn't planning on self advertising, but Jem-n-em has below, so why not?) - it's aimed at beginners and new comers to the stardoll graphics world, and presents tasks for entrants to complete and be given tips and feedback on how to improve, it's not like Stardoll's NTGD as it's not an ongoing competition as such, people can enter whichever tasks they like(e.g. you don't need to have done tasks 1 and 2 to do task 3 if you get me), click on the pic below to go to the blog and get more info - the first task was announced this afternoon and lots of interest has already been shown!

Love K xxx


  1. I was going to compliment your graphic tilll I read up to the part where you pointed me out I thought 'well that's Abit rude'

  2. I like it, but I'd like to point out that your hair is very clumpy and I'm not a big fan of the shirt. You can tell you copied over it what with the fuzzy edges and such:/

    1. What fuzzy edges?
      I agree with the clumpiness of the hair and some of the shirt though.

    2. Around the bottom right of the sleeve, I zoomed in and saw fuzzy edges:P

  3. Hello, I am a big fan of this it's great, I have a new up and coming project, and your graphics are , so wonderful, I want to tell you about it, I am sending lot's of famous designers this!

  4. This is lovely but I just think the hair is a bit puffy at the top if you get what I mean.