Just another writer

Hey there everyone, I am Luisa! I am one of the new writers for the Vault. On Stardoll I am better known as Sary.Babyfayce. I started graphic designing a few month ago, so I would consider myself being a pro and I hope that my writing positon her will help me to improve and I'd really love to get your honest opinion about everything I post, so I can learn from it! Anyway, enough talking... in order to get an idea of my work I have been working on the following graphic. The model is MandaMichalka! I already asked her a few weeks ago if I could use her doll for a graphic, but I'd never got the chance to use it, cause I am currently very busy with a few jobs I got booked for! Now I had the chance and I hope she and also you will like it... 

click to enlarge

if you want to see some of my previous designs you can just visit my portfolio
x, Luisa


  1. wish I could get one!

  2. Hey Luisa, thank you very much for using my doll in this graphic (:
    totally love it and the hair is great!

    1. I loved using your doll - such a beautiful face! :-)
      and I am glad you like it

    2. Thanks dear, the ahir is flawless! (:

  3. It's really pretty and I like your shading technique!

  4. *faints over the graphic*

  5. I love this! The only concern I have is the leg behind the bent one. It looks a little small. But this is beautiful:)