Is My Makeup Okay?

I'm here!:D
I withheld from doing my reading assignments just for you, so enjoy:)

The hair is a little choppy towards the top, but I really like it:)
Mainly i'd like to focus your attention to shading. Do you like my new technique? Does it seem more realistic? Even though graphics aren't supposed to look realistic, does it look like a good graphic?

I've done the side-view graphic before but I've never posted one, because I'm so self-conscience of those types of poses:P

But anyways, probably going to be my last graphic for a week or two.
 School is beast, but horribly busy:]
Thank ya, darlins!


  1. Anonymous26/8/12 05:36

    Wow, you are really evolving into an amazing graphic artist Kasey! I love the technique, and you are improving dramatically with each new graphic!

    The only thing that I think need work on is the hands, and the collarbone is slightly too light in shadows compared to the rest of the body. Other than that, it really is quite fabulous ;)

    1. Hands are really frustrating, Haha:) and the reason they are lighter because she's a heavier person. Collarbones don't really protrude as much on heavier people:) But thanks Lindsey! It's weird not doing graphics everyday, but I guess breaks between them help me improve:)

  2. Wow I love it! have you got any tips?

    btw the only bad thing is the bun in the hair, It doesn't look like it's supposed to be there.
    But, well done lovely XXXX

    1. Thanks! And not really:/ I guess just make what you think is beautiful and try your best. You can only be as good as your best:)

  3. Anonymous26/8/12 19:35

    This is absolutely great! The only things I want to point out are the hands. They don't look as amazing as the rest of your graphic. But besides that, this is really good.

    1. I think the hand holding the compact is not as great, but the other one is fantastic:) thank you!:D

  4. I think this is awesome.
    I love the hair and the shading looks very very good so far (:
    My favourtie part is the arm pose, definitely (:

  5. Wow, this is amazing! I love her hair by the way!