Where I Stand

 I'm writing this post on this specific blog because it relates to graphics and my projects.


Alot of my projects have been on and off recently, and I feel as though I just want to start off fresh. I will obviously keep Today's Top Trends and Stardoll's Next Top Graphic Designer as my sole projects, but I've always wanted either a fashion line or magazine to keep me going, as SNTGD & TTT do not take overly much work. I've been planing a few things with TTT (makeover, a HUGE summer competition + some new writers) and SNTGD is just getting into it's second season.

Fearless & Loud are too projects I think that have had their day. They've been good, but it's time to move on now. Loud was established in August 2010, so it's had it's day, and although it had only 4 issues, I'm happy. Fearless had it's collections in TTT FW 2012, and maybe I'll make another collection but I'm calling it a day with both these projects.

The blogs do however have around 200 followers between them, so it would be ashame for them to go nowhere.

My current projects: TTT & SNTGD
Maybe I'll do LE PROJECT, maybe I wont. ;-)

And expect a new announcement from me soon!



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