Blog update

Update 1: There is a new media partners blogroll at the side bar, all inactive blogs have been removed as there really is no point in keeping them there.

Update 2: You can now sign up to write for this blog in the tab above called 'Join us'! I just need to figure out how to enable comments on there, any ideas?

EDIT;; Thanks to Musicalgirl, the sign ups are up and running!

Update 3: I'm considering to remove the 'Needs more work' button, because i feel that people are just pressing it to annoy us when they don't give any useful feedback, am i correct?



  1. Yeah you should have like, "Amazing", "It's ok", and "not my style"


  2. for update 2, you can enable comments by going to blogger than Pages,than click on the Edit below the page you want-Join us!, than look right and click Page settings and under Reader comments choose Allow and click Done! I hope this helped :]