Entries For SDNTGD

I entered 3 graphics for Stardoll's Next Top Graphic designer and got second place. The only fault she really found was my messy text on the second graphic I sent in. Other than that, I got 9/10 and 10/10!
Here are the three entries I sent in.

The first is my least favorite, but I love the hair and bathing suit.

 The second is my second favorite, obviously why it's second. 
I love the pose, but the fonts aren't that great.

 This is my absolutely favorite for three reasons:
I love the shirt
I love the hair
and I love the colors.
Hopefully, you love it too:)

Here's the cut-cover that was my first and original choice for this task. I decided not to go with it because it lacked everything the judges were looking for.
You've seen the graphic before, but here it is again:)



  1. Anonymous6/6/12 00:09

    Overall, my favorite would have to be the third, although the second one is really terrific too!

  2. Anonymous6/6/12 01:43

    Your entry in SNTGD was beautiful!

    1. Anonymous6/6/12 01:44

      This others are beautiful too but your entry excels more:D

    2. Thanks! But Maria deserved first place. She did amazingly on it!

  3. I adore your 2nd one, although I [being a big person on text] would say that a bit more pizzaz on the fonts would compliment it more. :]

    1. Probably. The only reason I got second place was because of the different fonts on the second cover. Linda and Kim both said I would of came first if the font was different. But oh well, second is only one away from first:)

  4. my fave is the second one :D

  5. The first one is really stunning, but my absolute favorite one is the third! *_*

  6. My favourite is probably te third on, but all of them are excellent :3

  7. They are all nice but my favourite is the ELLE one, the third one you put :)