A Cover of Sorts...

Okay so I got really bored and I decided to work with that hair I made a while ago. This is the result, it won't be used for anything, it's totally nothing special. Infact it's pretty crap. To be honest I only used Stardoll clothes because I knew it was for nothing and couldn't be bothered, ehe I'm lazy.

The magazine name is Eternity, becasue I was looking at past issues of the magazines earlier.. Shock of the century... *badummmm chhhh*

I AM AWARE it has hardly any shading or whatever, I just saw no point in shading it well if it had no purpose. The only thing I sort of like is the text, other than that it's a mess.

Gaw I'm so negative.
I'm working on the LE project now which is going somewhat okay, hit me up with all yo' criticisms...



  1. Anonymous18/6/12 20:06

    Sure, the shading isn't percise, but I like it none the less. I think the text is a bit misplaced being all-over the medoll.

  2. I agree, I think the hair is a bit boxy though. The clothes shading I love!