Black & White

Okay, It's been a good month since I made my last graphic and post it here. But oh, well I will try to be more active in this blog and make more graphics, if I could. But it will be a little harder, because I get part-time job and I'm starting next week, but as I said: I will try my best.
However, point of this post is this graphic. (I'm kinda proud of it, if you know what I mean :p)

I know, I know. Right hand (model left hand) look creepy. I want to hear some critics.


  1. to be frank, I love it :] The shading is excellent, and the hair...

    that hair is amazing.

  2. I love those high-waisted shorts! Those are gorgeous!

  3. Laura.... I LOVE IT! It is beautiful, and that hair.. Can I steal it? The hand is not bad :) The shading is amazing :)

  4. Anonymous2/6/12 22:58

    I don't think the hand is bad at all :) My hands are what are bad, I'm still learning the best way to shade hands.
    I think the hair could use some improving, but other than that, you are getting to be so talented!

  5. I think the hand is perfect! Along with the rest of it, welcome back!

  6. Its actually amazing, the only thing I think you need to do is enhance your medoll's face as its like not been enhanced:') Good job!xx

  7. Replies
    1. Thank you guys, but hand still look creepy to me ;)

  8. The Hand is perfect ;) and the graphic is amazing *-* Thump up ;)

  9. Very nice, especially the hair! I like that the outfit is just black+white.. And by the way, the hand is good, not creepy!