Banner For Underneath Stardoll

As you check your dashboard, your all like.... banner for Underneath Stardoll? Created by Lindsey? Why, this can't be?! But in fact, it is!

Last week I found out spectacular news by Fenia (M_Themis), that I am the new official graphic designer for USD! As shocked as I was, I quickly went to start the banner for the blog. I would've told you all earlier, but I thought it would be way better if I kept it a surprise. Anyhow, I'm sure your waiting for me to stop rambling and show the darn graphic to you all already.

So, here it is...:

(Click to Enlarge)

I'm really quite happy with the results, and I adore the color scheme in the graphic! Each minute I worked on the graphic, the thrill knowing that nearly 8000 people would be seeing my work increased dramatically. I'm so happy of this achievement that I was chosen out of 60 or so other talented graphic designers to do work for USD.

What is your thought on the graphic? Could it have been better? Let me know in the rating system and most importantly, COMMENT!


  1. I. Am. Jealous. Of. You. You've got mad skills....

  2. why do you always use the same background?

    1. Anonymous9/6/12 18:48

      I guess I like it, and its a summer graphic, so yeah :P

  3. Congratz, good luck standing up to the skills of Magdomilowicz though ;)

  4. It's nice, but to be honest, I think the dress is not fitting very well on the medoll in the middle but I very much particularly like the dress of the medoll on the right and the hairstyles.:)

    Also, I'd like to see other backgrounds because I feel like everybody is using that background now, it's nice, but it isn't unique anymore :/

    *(sorry whoever I called just "medoll", but I do not know your names/medoll nicknames)

  5. Oh, by the way, forgot to congratulate you on becoming USD's graphic designer, but it isn't really a surprise, your graphics are good :)

  6. Anonymous8/12/12 17:25

    can u do 1 for my blog http://stardollfreestardollfree.blogspot.ie/ if u want 2 contact me on stardoll go on http://www.stardoll.com/en/user/?id=22104485

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