Unfinished/Scrapped Graphic

Ok, so this was going to be my entry for SDNTGD Task3, I worked on it for like 3 hours then decided/found that it was too odd a shape to make a top for, nothing I tried was working, so I decided to start again, but I really think this is an improvement for me, so wanted to share it anyways =)
Bear in mind it's unfinished - I didn't shade/highlight the shoes, and I only half did the hair and neck, but still let me know what you think of it overall =)
Click on it to make it bigger.

Oh, the hand on the ground looks a bit weird - I know that, so no need to point it out =)

EDIT: So I tried a few more tops, but nothing worked =S Can't wait till exams are over and I might work on it some more! If anyone wants a shot at getting a top to look good then go for it!

Love K xxx


  1. Anonymous1/5/12 23:55

    This is absolutely awesome! Your hair is improving dramatically!

  2. Think im in love with the shading of the skin!:D

  3. god, the shading of the dress/skirt thing is great :o

  4. Stunning! THe shading of the skirt is amazing! (:

  5. Your skin shading has improved ten-fold!:D

  6. Anonymous2/5/12 05:07

    Aaah! I keep on coming back here to re-admire your graphic!

  7. ^good, so it's not just me X]

  8. Ooh I'm tempted to try and finish it now!
    I think it would have looked good for my entry, but I just wasn't getting the top right, and I only had yesterday afternoon/evening to do graphics, as I have to revise for my next set of exams on the 9th, 10th and 11th of May =S

  9. It's lovely! I think a bustier would look great on the doll :)

  10. I like the shading, but I think there should of been more shading on the face. The model's face looks to pale :S

  11. can you make a tutorial how do you make this graphic?? please, thanks :DD

    1. Sorry, I can't now that I've made it, I would have needed to do it while making it.
      I'd also rather not do tutorials, which is a personal choice.
      Plus if you'd read the text you would find that I'm incredibly busy right now with my uni exams, I barely had time to make my entry, let along a tutorial.

    2. well, when you can??

    3. I'm sorry, but you don't appear to have actually read the comment. The first two lines clearly give an answer.

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