Hiring (Again)

Long time no see! I log onto stardoll everyday, but I have absolutely no time for graphics, which is sad cause I really enjoy making them!

I decided to hire some new writers as some had left, many people have been asking to join and we need some new creativity here. Just fill in the form below and I'll get back to you:

Example of graphics:
How often will you be able to post?



  1. Username: Doggy_Starpuppy
    Example of graphics:
    How often will you be able to post?: As soon as I make a new graphic :) I'll try to post as often as I can.

  2. Anonymous15/5/12 16:29

    Username: lovinjudas
    Example of graphics: graphicsbyjudas.blogspot.com
    How often will you be able to post? It will depend, but on average I make around 2 graphics a week, so twice a week :)

    lovinjudas xxx

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  4. Username: caoimhemgr1
    Example of graphics: caoimhemgr1-graphics.blogspot.com
    How often will you be able to post? Depends when I make a graphic.

  5. Username: Jem-n-Em
    Example of graphics: http://pinterest.com/emmababe96/graphics/
    How often will you be able to post: Depends when i make a graphic usually twice a week? Maybe more.

  6. Username: xxlovexx
    Example of graphics: This blog's banner, Loud Magazine, Fearless. (-:
    How often will you be able to post: A few times a week atleast!

  7. Username: mgirl07
    Example of graphics: mgirl07.blogspot.com (I am a beginner at graphics and I keep trying out new techniques, so I improve all the time. Right now I am working on a graphic that is turning out better than all the previous ones!)
    How often will you be able to post? Maybe, like, two-three times a week, every time I make graphics? But sometimes I might need to take small breaks, I can't promise to make3 graphics every week!

  8. Username:Ashanty2010
    Example of graphics: ashanty2010design.blogspot.com
    How often will you be able to post? two times a week