Hi, I'm Kimberly. You might know me I guess. I make graphics, which not many people know about actually, hehe. I'm on a slight break from Stardoll so don't expect too many graphics from me, but I will get back into the swing of things in July. :-)

Moving on, these are two sneak peaks from a graphic I just finished. It's for my magazine Loud and may be slightly blurry, apologies if they are! I'll probably make a random graphic sometime this week so I can show you a full one! Comments and critiques welcome. ;) xo

P.S: I tried to be jazzy with the two tone fade parts on the dress... Whadya'll think?!
BTW: I made this blogs banner if you wanna see another graphic of mine haha.



  1. Hello (: I wish I could write here too :D

  2. Looking forward to seeing what's going on above those awesome shoes :O