My SNTGD Entry:)

This totally stunned me, but I was chosen as the top photo of the week!
Oh My GOD.
I am absolutely freaked out! Everyone seemed to of done SO MUCH better than I did!
I just couldn't believe it!
Now, Here's my entry for the contest:

UPDATE: here's the original, for anyone who wants to compare. I tried to be very detailed in the designing of the feathers and skirt.

Comment, please:)
Thanks Again!


  1. Anonymous15/4/12 05:05

    I think the judges chose your entry as best because of the stunning details! I hardly see any flaws to the graphic, and everything flows so nicely together! Bravo, Kasey! Can't wait to see task 2's entry from you! :)

    1. Thank you! I spent about twelve hours on it in total! I'm glad it paid off! Your's was SO beautiful! I loved the dress and hair!

    2. Anonymous15/4/12 05:40

      Aw, thank you :) Haha, I'm now working on task 2 (nearly finished with medoll part!!) and its taken me all day (about 12-14 hours... haha)! Good luck on your graphic ;

  2. It's truly amazing. Keep going this way.

  3. Wow! It is amazing and I love the fact that you made it look like a puppet :) You are very talented :)) Good luck for the rest of the contest :))))))))

  4. I like it! The only thing I would've changed is no hat.

    1. The hat is needed. It's part of the original picture, which is what I'm trying to portray. and Thanks!

  5. The hair needs some work, but overall good job :]
    I can see that you are improving :]

    1. The hair is the best replica I could make of the original. Everyone says it needs improving, but it doesn't. It's either this, or the sucky other version. And thanks...

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. You could of created a different hairstyle :]
    You didn't have to copy it from the pic.

  8. They look very similar! But I think the hat looks kinda flat. It is brilliant though! I love the tutu! It looks so realistic! And I love the fact that you used the same background, but blurred it! <3

    1. Yeah. I wanted the focal point to be the model and the tutu is also my favorite. I spent two hours on that baby! The bottom could be darker, though.

    2. No, I think it is okay the way it is! I would never be able to do that! To be honest, I think I don't put enough detail in my graphics! It sounds really strange..... But if I were you I would keep it the way it is! It is beautiful

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