Magazines you should read: April 2012

VOGUE magazine:
Bright, edgy and on trend, which resembles the real life Vogue and all it's glory. The graphics are breathtaking and look professional and are the main focus of the magazine. There is not much writing in the magazine, but the graphics make up for that.
FOUNDER: Lollypopsa/ Carolina

Fierce and funky with a spring theme! This magazine ticks all the boxes for trends and what to wear in the spring. The graphics here are also phenomenal as you can tell a lot of time has been spend on them.                                                                                FOUNDERS: mvm2807 and Gayula
This magazine is not in English, so I can't really comment on the writing. The outfits that have been put together are street style and look like something I would want to wear out. It has great tips on outfits and styling, and it also includes suite and furniture suggestions. The magazine does not lack in quantity as it consists of 39 pages! The magazine itself if bright and funky and the graphics are beautiful!                                                         Founder: KatyaCharm  
This magazine consists of previous unreleased issues put together to make 1 magazine. It's bright and looks professional, which makes it stand out from the crowd. The graphics are amazingly detailed! Although the magazine is short, it relies on 'quality, not quantity' and pulls it off by a long shot!                                                                          Founder: xxlovexx


  1. Wow! I wrote about all of those! On either Stardoll appearance or Today's Top Trends! They're amazing, aren't they?:)

    1. oh, sorry!! :O
      and yes they are!

    2. Why are you apologizing? You have just as much a right to post about them as I do. I have no problem! I'm glad these magazines are getting the publicity they deserve;D

  2. I love Vogue magazine. Graphics are just so perfect!