Winner of Graphic Collage Contest!

Today's graphic is similar to one I did two days ago.

I tried the realistic face edit thing again, and it worked out somewhat better on this graphic than the other.
This is from a graphic collage contest, available on my graphics blog
It's a new weekly thing, and the winner who guesses correctly wins a graphic.
The winner of this week didn't guess everything correctly, but she did some things, so I thought she at least deserved a face edit, using my new technique!

Here is Aphiba(Faye)'s graphic:

I'm not a big fan of the neck/eyebrows. They need work, but I didn't feel it was necessary in this graphic. The lips are my favorite, along with the nose and hair. Please comment on what you think about this graphic.
 Again, it's only a prototype of a possible new face edit technique.

Also: Welcome to the new designer on this blog! I look forward to viewing your graphics!

More to come today!
Working like a steam engine on drugs:)


  1. too much editing in the nose.

    1. It's supposed to be that way. It's an exxagerated shading technique, used to make the face realistic, kinda. But in the sense you know it's still stardoll. I've seen many people use it.

  2. Yeah I know that, its just to me it doesn't look realistic.
    No one in real life has that much shading in the nose :L

  3. Anonymous29/3/12 22:24

    I aree with the2glams, too much nose editing! Also I think the neck looks a little weird too.

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