Super-Duper Random!

Graduation Exams are finally OVER!
School year is ALMOST over, so guess what that means?

I have a billion requests!
But anyways, to kick off the new graphics season for me, I started with a super simple, burn and dodge tool face edit.
It's not anything serious, so please don't give me grief about the way it looks.
I'm just previewing it to showcase my work, which is the purpose of this blog:)
Her name is YO-Landa.
Don't pay attention to the crap hair, I just didn't want her being bald.
That's cruel.

Pay extra attention to the nose, eyes, and mouth.
The mouth took forever, but you can see the curvature of the lips compared to the original. style.
Her node looks kinda real, but could use some more shadowing.
The eyes are my favorite!

Comment please!


  1. Anonymous25/3/12 05:46

    Crap hair , the hair looks cool actually!

    Is funny that in my class there's a girl name Yolanda but they call her YO-Landa sometimes just like this one.Btw the graphic is amazing and love the lips!

    1. Haha, yeah! My brother named it:)The lips are my favorite too!

  2. la-SHAWNda.

    haha, I agree with StarMinimon, The hair is better than anything I could do. But the features? AH-Mazing!


  3. It's amazing, the only thing that looks a bit unnatural is that the ear is less shaded than the rest of the face, but except for that it's perfect! :)

    1. Ehh, people don't usually look at ears, but thanks! I'll work on it. As I said before, it's a prototype for my new face shading:)

  4. i just think the outline on the nose is not needed, but you made the whole face yourself? *claps hands

    1. It's not exactly completely re-made. I only redid the lips and nose. The eyes and the rest of the face are only edited from the original, which is available at my other account, Kasejen:)
      But thank you!:) BTW: love the makeover!

  5. Not liking the hair, but its OK :]
    Im pretty sure you will improve on your graphics since you practice a lot :D

    1. As said before, the hair is just so she isn't bald. I really can do hair very well, but this was merely practice, and not a full-out graphic:)
      Thank you:)