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Updated a million of times
I used a reference picture for this graphic

I wanted to see what it would look like if I colored it quickly . Its ok lawl aint even gonna finish it foeshoe
I prefer it w/o coloring, I'd like to do another one but actually take my time on it.

Just some fast doodling, I just thought you guys would like this even though its nothing special. The hair is complete crap Lol, I won't use it for anything. I did this all on mouse that's why its a bit shaky, You could give it a "it needs work" doesn't really bother me because I did this for a fun experiment. 

Thoughts?, Comments?, Suggestions?


  1. I dont like the outlines, but good job with the rest :]

  2. It's nice, I like how it was done like it was a sketch and the eyes are very well done.
    However, I don't like the big rose and the teeth look too white too me that they seem unrealistic.
    However, it's very nice overall but I'd like to see it as a graphic also :)

  3. haha, eveytime i look at this its different!

  4. Sorry, I just see it as really creepy :S

  5. @NeonTiara
    The Nose is of the model. I'd agree I changed the teeth so the shading was quick. I personally prefer the outline just because that's what I intended on making.

    @Ceaara Iman

    HAHAHA I was working on it lawl didn't like a few things about it.

    @Everyone else

    Its not a stardoll graphic sorry to disappoint - Oh well
    Its a quick vect.

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