Orange Shift

This is what I've been working on today, yes I know there is not custom hair, but I'm still working on my technique for hair(So if you're commenting to complain about this, please don't). But I think the short hairstyle adds to the sixties vibe of the dress!

Love K xxx
P.S. You can see the transparent version on my graphics blog =)


  1. Do you copy the shadows and highlights from a photograph, or do you make the shadows yourself? I'm not judging, just curious:)

  2. I really like your graphics, but I wish you'd take some risks sometimes. :-)

  3. The quality of the graphic is good, but I'm not a fan of this kind of dresses :)

  4. I love it, the dress is done very nicely and the legs and hands too! The legs and hand look nicely realistic but I guess they didn't match with stardoll's (fake) barbie-plastic faces ;)
    Lovely choice of color in the dress by the way!

  5. You need to start putting some graphic hair in your graphics, it looks bland with normal stardoll hair.