My New Headers!

This is just a simple header, available in black and white.
I have two, but I can't decided which to put as my graphics blog's header.

There the party-theme one:
The problem with this header is that is shows up small.
I've tried adjusting it, like when I adjusted Extravagance Stardoll's header, but it didn't work.

Well, it's my favorite so far, but yeah...

and here's the newer one, I just made.
It's VERY simple, but so beautiful!
and here's the black and white version:
But it isn't fully black and white, I NEED color in my graphics, 
if not some, a little.

I think the first shows my personality better, but the second shows my simplicity, which I'm known for.

I'd love for you to decide for me!
comments are appreciated!
And any ideas about how to re-size without making it fuzzy would be VERY helpful:)

And god, has anyone seen Nika's recent graphic? 
She is just amazing!