Blog statistics + Prize Ideas?

Hey guys! I'm not making graphics for a while (except for the lookbook at the end of this month), so here's a post I have been meaning to write since this blog has become more popular. I'm going to post the top 5 most viewed graphics so far. If you are a new member, this gives you a chance to see graphics posted a long time ago without looking through the whole blog:

1.  New Graphic - Lilyqi 

2. Femme Summer Spoiler - Princess_kiara1 

3. Food for thought -  Lige07

4. It's Nicki!! - MissCeaaria

5. Grey Dress - Sparklewand12 
(Links to the original posts if you click the picture)

Prize Ideas

We are nearing 100 followers, and I cannot think of any prizes to give out as a raffle as I am non-ss. Does anyone have any opinion as to what I could give to you guys as a thankyou for being AMAZING followers?



  1. A cool prize would be a free custom graphic (:

  2. That's a good idea, maybe a graphics package from a few of the contributors here?
    I'd be happy to offer a graphic for it :)

    1. I'll contribute to it! I think it's a great idea:)

    2. i think ill do that!